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UnrealPublic Hook v6.1

UnrealPublic Hook v6.1
{1} Start Steam.
{2} Run “Unreal v6.1.exe”, Click “Ok” and minimize the loader.
{3} Start “Counter-Strike: 1.6″,”Counter-Strike: Condition Zero”, “Day Of Defeat”,
“Half-Life”, “Half-Life: Blue Shift” or “Opposing Force”
{4} Join a Server.
{5} Activate The Hotkey’s in Game.
{1} XQZ Wallhack (See enemies through walls, 2 Modes
{2} WireModels (Both [...]

Counter-strike:source cheats / VAC2 Proof / CoconuT 2.7.8 [ACS]

Все читы проверены антивирусом NOD32!
CoconuT 2.7.8 [ACS] by the [coconuT]Team
NEW [ACS] system (auto closing)
Как использовать чит для counter-strike:source
1 Запустить HAck
2 Выберите особенности
3 запустить CSS
necessary code…..
ALSO added No Recoil- visual
Consistency Bypass
Replicated Cvar Bypass
Radar Hack
Radar Health
No Flash
No Smoke
No Recoil
All Off
Basically you dont need to [...]