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Counter Strike Cheats / VAC2 Proof / Project tC v2.0

Global Panic Key
BoxESP / Adjustable Box Size
Custom Crosshair / Colour Changer
Flash Removal / Percentage Removal
Adjustable Configuration (In/Out Game)
Injector (Enables use on Steam or Non-Steam)
Automatic Offsets
DLL Protection
1: Start Steam (Or Non-Steam) > Game (HL1 Games only)
2: Minimise to Desktop > Start Project tC v2.0.exe
3: Browse the [...]

Cstrike VAC2 Cheat / n0manc0rz four

+ Aimbot
-> full aimbot features
+ WallHack (2 types)
-> wallhack percent transwalls/players/wpns
+ BoxESP (Intelligent)
-> view player-color-box into walls
+ Lambert
-> iluminate players
+ NoFlash/NoSmoke
-> desactivate flashbang and smoke effects for you
+ Crosshair
-> for awp/scout and similar…
Menu = Supr/Del (Default key)
Navigation = Arrows, Mouse Wheel
Selection = Arrows or Mouse clicks (Mouse1, [...]